About Anolah: Convention and conformity have never been on the agenda for Anolah. Brought up by two musical parents in the New Age traveller community, the charismatic 18-year old spent her childhood venturing from city to city, guided only by the allure of free parties and a shared spirit of adventure. Split between Brighton, Bristol and her native London, where she’s now happily settled, her unlikely upbringing saw her immersed in a lifestyle unimaginable to many; a world where occupying abandoned buildings and attending naturist gatherings were standard procedure, as was meeting musicians, whose inspiring histories have continually fuelled her own creativity as a songwriter and instrumentalist. Drawing on a proudly eclectic taste in music that references ‘90s grunge, heartfelt soul, boundary-pushing pop and even elements of jungle and rave culture, Anolah has set out to distil these disparate influences into her own inventive sound, one which defies easy descriptors but is reliably bound together by lyrics with substance and an emotive voice that rivals the best in the business, even at her young age. With well-received performances at Boomtown and Shindig Festival already under her belt and a growing network of accomplished collaborators including her very own live band taking shape, it’s time that the world gets acquainted with Anolah.